united kingdom

Intermeats dedicated teams are able to source and deliver a wide range of products required by customers throughout the world.

The four UK executive directors are Bob Mollison, Michael Cooper, Ron James and Tony Sperrin. Bob, Michael and Ron head up the sales of meat products and trading functions whilst Tony is the Finance Director.

Intermeats focus is on the requirements of the customer and close relationships with key suppliers. This enables us to offer the highest standards of quality control and on time delivery with accurate documentation and compliance with all relevant food safety standards.

Intermeats are in continual contact with the markets to access projected requirements along with availability, price, specification and quality. With this knowledge we are able to offers our customers the very best from the available markets focusing on quality and timely delivery to our customers.

Distribution is effected from a stable and established base seamlessly into the customers’ facilities according to their timescales. These customers include major supermarkets and manufacturers who rely on a just in time basis to maximise their efficiency.

Our suppliers are carefully selected. Chosen for their records in safety, traceability and in house quality assurance we work closely to keep quality levels at their very highest so that our customers can benefit from these assurances.